Monday, December 22, 2014

A Day Will Come...

In 1988/89, I took a job with a newspaper, the now defunct "Calhoun News-Dispatch." Before it closed down, I finally found a venue for my love of writing. Besides being a reporter, I became a weekly columnist. This is a column I found that I wrote some 25 years ago. My children were 15, 12, 10, and 6. I thought I would share it with you now since it is still rings true today...

A day will come...

The cycle of life is continuous...a never ending revolution of trials and errors. For humans, for those who have children, or plan to have children, or are involved with children, this is particularly pertinent. But remember...

A day will come when two o'clock feedings and constant crying along with continuous fatigue will become a thing of the past.

A day will come when clotheslines full of shimmering white diapers or boxes of the things, bought at unreasonable prices will be distant memories.

A day will come when the perfume or aftershave you so carefully applied will not be clouded by the distinct odor of baby spit up.

A day will come when you won't have to return home to change your clothes and the wee ones because of an accident beyond yours or his control.

A day will come when "potty training" won't seem as difficult as it really was.

A day will come when the "terrible twos" won't seem to have lived up to its name.

A day will come when no one will be hanging on to you for dear life, crying in a most pitiful way as she gives you accusing looks of betrayal.

A day will come when windows will no longer hold sticky finger prints of peanut butter and God knows what else.

A day will come when trips to the emergency room at ungodly hours of the night because of an unexplainable fever of alarming magnitude will be only a distant memory.

A day will come when there will no longer be bald spots in the yard and broken tree limbs because of the constant pounding of little feet and the hanging on of stringy little arms.

A day will come when pleading eyes and the fateful question, "Can we keep it?" will not be heard again.

A day will come when the only skinned knees and elbows will be your own because you didn't watch where you were going.

A day will come when no more half eaten apples, rotten banana peels, broken treasures or torn jackets will be found hidden in some obscure place.

A day will come when the driveway won't be blocked by forgotten Big wheels, bicycles, toys, and rock forts.

A day will come when there will be no more practices or rehearsals of any kind, way, shape, or form...and the family taxi service is out of business.

A day will come when baseball cards, too loud tapes and video games will no longer be scattered and heard throughout the house.

A day will come when you won't ever again ask the proverbial  question, "If Jimmy jumps off a bridge, will you jump, too?"

A day will come when the extra cash you tucked away for yourself will no longer have to be used for the forgotten club dues or "special" outfit that he or she MUST have.

A day will come when the grades of C or D brought home with excuses and promises of "I bring it up next time" will not seem so important anymore.

A day will come when disgusted looks and the slamming of doors will fade into oblivion.

A day will come when there will be no more late nights of staying up worrying until your wayward youngster has returned to the fold with a suspiciously glazed look to his or her eyes and a slight slur to the speech.

A day will come when you will no longer say, "You're grounded for two weeks!"

A day will come when you will no longer hear, "You just don't understand!"

A day will come when the keys to your car will be in your possession permanently.

A day will come when you will say, "Be careful" and that squirming little bundle you brought home...was it only yesterday?...will set out on his/her own.

But wait...a day will come when she/he will return and place a tiny squirming infant into your arms and you will instantly acquire a new name..."Grammy or Granddaddy.

Thus, the cycle begins...again.

My children are all grown now. They have their own lives to live. But oh, what a joy and a blessing they were when they were young. I miss them.


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

What a beautiful column!

Yes, that day has come and it is OK. The grandchildren are easier, I am appreciated, and I go to their house now. It is beautiful to live to see the circle of life.

Coleen Brooks said...

Thank you so much and our third grandchild is due in just a few weeks. A friend responded on facebook that he just had his first great grandchild put in his arms. How marvelous.