Saturday, August 24, 2013

Peanut Butter is My Friend for Life...Best Sandwich...Peanut Butter, Mayonnaise, and Banana. YUM!!

If someone asked me what my favorite food is, I might say broccoli, but even though I do love this wonderfully healthy vegetable, I must say that my favorite food of all time has to be peanut butter. If there is nothing else in the house to eat but peanut butter and bread, I'm fine with it. If bread is not available, crackers will do. If crackers are not available, a big ol' spoonful of the stuff will do. Peanut butter is my comfort food. Peanut butter is my friend for life.

I'm not sure when I first tasted this wonderfully delicious spread, but I'll bet my daddy gave me a taste of it when I was a baby. He loved peanut butter just about as much as I do. Back in my day, Sunbeam or Wonder Bread were the choices of those who were bread connoisseurs. These breads were white, soft, and fluffy and what I called "gushy." Unlike the sliced white bread of today, it seemed to have some taste, and never ever had a "purchase by this date" stamped on it. Bread was delivered to the stores fresh from the bakery and once they were a day old, they were sent to the day old store. Now breads have purchase dates of up to two or three weeks from the actual purchase. God knows what they have added to these loaves to keep them fresh. Probably some unpronounceable chemical. 

Anyway, Mom or Dad would make me a peanut butter sandwich slathered on that white bread, and I would squish it almost flat before I ate it. Of course, if it had some of Daddy's homemade blackberry jelly, I didn't mess with the sandwich. I just ate it with relish, more than likely finishing with peanut butter and jelly on my face almost up to my cheeks. I was not a neat eater. In fact my mom could always guess what I had for my school lunches just about every day. "Oh, I see you had chili today," as she looked at me with that all knowing smile. One time I told her, "No, I had soup." But she knew better. "No, no, young lady. You most certainly did not. That's definitely chili with a bit of peanut butter sandwich smeared on that shirt." I never could fool her.

My after school snack was usually something with peanut butter. I never tired of it. In fact, I have never, to this day, tired of it. As I got a bit older, I began to experiment with what went well with peanut butter in a sandwich. Of course, jelly was a favorite, but then I also loved crisp crunchy lettuce on the sandwich and still eat a peanut butter and lettuce sandwich on occasion. Do you think this is odd? Well, people eat peanut butter on celery. I see very little difference.

I also liked to put potato chips with peanut butter, but later just ate a plain ol' potato chip sandwich. I still sneak that every so often, and I feel really guilty about eating something that bad for me. But I do eat it on Honey Wheat bread with no high fructose corn syrup. That should count for something. I also liked a peanut butter and butter sandwich. Boy, I was a really skinny kid. You'd think with all the peanut butter and my concoctions I had as a steady diet, I would have been pudgier. Never was.

My favorite sandwich of all time is peanut butter, mayonnaise, and banana. My late great sister-in-law, Mollie, and I used to eat those things all the time. They were luscious. Still are, for that matter. Yes, I do eat one every so often. I don't fry it in butter like Elvis did, but I understand why he liked the combination. Just recently, Mollie's grandson announced that his son loved peanut butter, mayonnaise, and banana sandwiches. Mollie would be so happy about that. She probably knows anyway.

On facebook, a good friend of mine had a picture of a box of the newly introduced cereal...Peanut Butter Toast Crunch. My daughter wrote on the post..."Don't show this to my mother!" But it was too late. I'd already seen it and my mouth was already watering. My daughter beseechingly wrote..."STEP AWAY, MOM. STEP AWAY.

It's too late. My keys are in my hand. I'm headed out to the grocery store.

Oh wait. I need to go back and get my snack...peanut butter and crackers. Is there anything else?


Aleta said...

My husband introduced me to peanut butter and banana sandwiches. He had them as a child, but it was a first for me. Never heard of adding mayo to it!

Coleen Brooks said...

It's good, if you like mayo.

Coleen Brooks said...

It's good, if you like mayo.