Monday, October 7, 2013

"Bones"...The Ickness Factor is...Well, Icky

So I'm sitting here on my big ol' couch eating a 100 calorie Brown Cow with another 100 calorie Brown Cow waiting to be devoured next. We had a great rehearsal for "Arsenic and Old Lace" and now I'm kicking back starting to watch "Bones." Now I love this show. The cast plays well off each other and there is definite chemistry between Bones and Booth. The thing is, sometimes the bodies that are found are just really really graphically sickening. Gishy, grisly partial skeletons with some skin still attached, oozing whatever half decaying bodies ooze is not a pretty sight. This is a show that isn't for the squeamish. I'm generally not too squeamish, but sometimes the ickness factor kicks in and I have to look away.

Now I know this skeletal thing is not a real person. I know some great creator of special effects and dead humans in various stages of decay has made this latest "person" as convincing as possible. Tonight, it was pretty convincing. I didn't enjoy my Brown Cows near as much as I would have had I been viewing "International House Hunters" on HGTV. But they were eaten just the same.

The good thing "Bones" does is give a certain amount of dignity to even the most horrifically looking remains of a "human being." The characters never let the viewers forget that the sometimes "almost piece of meat" looking creation was a life with people who cared about him/her. I know. I know. None of this is real, but it makes it seem that way no matter how awful it looks.

This is why I watch "Bones." Let me rephrase that. This is why I watch most of "Bones" while sometimes I'm covering my eyes and trying really hard not to gag. I keep on telling myself, "This is not real. This is not real." But I still can't look. Because it looks real and that's what makes it

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