Saturday, October 5, 2013

Yes, I Bleed Red and Black and Yell "Go DAWGS". It's Fall and the SEC is Alive and Well.

I'm exhausted...I mean really mentally and physically exhausted. Did I do a lot of physical stuff today? No, not really. My hubby and I fed some goats and I gathered one egg from my sister-in-law's hen house. Oh, and I fed a sweet kitty cat. I walked my big white dog, Carlee a few times today and brought my mom out to our house so she can see progress being made on her soon to be new abode. I read a little of a Kindle Fire download, but I can assure you it was nothing intellectually taxing, nor was anything physically exhausting.

At 3:30 this afternoon, I began watching a football game. It was my Georgia Bulldogs against the Tennessee Volunteers. I was in SEC heaven with total confidence that Georgia would win big time. Here's the thing. No one should ever get over confident, especially when it comes to SEC football games. Everyone seems to be rivals, but Tennessee is really a rival. They haven't done very well the last few years. Their team is full of freshmen. But Tennessee came to play. Georgia did, too, but one of their great offense players, Marshall I believe, got hurt. Georgia already has several (three I think) of their best players out with injuries now.

They have a great quarterback with Aaron Murray, but when his regular players aren't in the game, it can throw off even the best of the best. And did I mention that Tennessee came to play...and win? I love to watch Georgia play. I have ever since this young phenomenal football player name Hershel Walker, a Georgia Bulldog, became the king of the game back beginning in 1980. This is when my loyalty to the Tennessee Volunteers began to wane. You see, I moved from Tennessee to Georgia. I loved (still do) the Tennessee Vols, but I came to realize that I was a true resident of Georgia. I had lived in the state at that time over 10 years. I had a home here with my husband and three children. The fourth wouldn't make an appearance until 1983. My feet were firmly planted in the Georgia red clay. So, I became a Georgia Bulldog fan.

In the 90s, three of our four children attended the University of Georgia and graduated from that great college. Our 4th chose Georgia State. That's okay. They didn't have a football team when he attended. They do now and lost today to Alabama 45 - 3. Why is Alabama, the National Champion playing a newly formed team like Georgia State? Oh well, that's another story.

The game today was a back and forth scoring duel. It went into overtime. Tennessee thought they had a winning touchdown, but I knew it wasn't. The young player didn't have control of the ball. Georgia took over, moved it down the field and won with a field goal. I couldn't watch the last minute, but I did anyway. This is why I'm exhausted and need a shot of tequila.

For those of you who aren't sports fans, especially college football fans, you can not possibly understand how exhausting watching your team, which has had a winning season so far, almost be beaten by a much less talented team. Tennessee played with a lot of heart today. They took advantage of Georgia's lack of key players. But quarterback, Aaron Murray pulled it off. He rose to the occasion and did what he had to do. This is why I bleed red and black in the fall. This is why my Saturdays are planned around the Georgia Bulldog football games.

This is why I have the irresistible urge to yell GO DAWGS!!!!!! a lot on any given fall Saturday here in the South.

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