Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blasted Cold Air...Oh Wait, A Blast of Cooler Air

This morning didn't start out so bad. It was raining, but not too unpleasant. I don't mind rain. It's liquid sunshine. That's how I look at it, unless it were to rain for...say...forty days and forty nights. Then, I might not like it so much. I was out earlier than usual on my way to be a guest speaker at an area high school. It was going to be a little different than my normal day of teaching adults. I was going to be with young folks, and I was looking forward to it.

And they didn't disappoint me. They were bright, articulate, and contrary to popular belief that no teenager has any manners, these kids were quite mannerly and polite. Some even came up to me and thanked me for my words and even shook my hand. I was impressed and hoping that I would be invited back next year.

When I went outside to make my way to my car, I noticed that it had gotten decidedly cooler. The wind had picked up and the air felt raw. Somehow, the hot sweltering days of July and August had given way to just a tad bit cooler than chilly. But it wasn't really what I'd call cold.

I went back to my real day job and almost immediately stepped into a math class with adults, but not too many because a lot of my students thought I might not make it back for my afternoon class. I fooled them, and they will pay tomorrow. Mwahahahaha! Oh goodness, I think I'm tired.

Anyway, after the class I went to my local Kroger to get some lunch. I like their deli sandwiches. They're made with really good whole wheat bread with little crunchy seedlike thingies throughout it. Gosh, I hope they're seeds. Ahem...As I got out of my car to make my way to the store, a gust of wind slapped me in the face. My very chic, purple with sparkly beading scarf was just about jerked from my neck and cold air blasted down the front of my new silky purple blouse. I was cold. No not just cold.

I was freezing. Teeth chattering, goose bumpy, lip quivering frigid. I had forgotten with this summer being hotter than four hundred hells that when it's cold, folks walk faster, me included. My gate bordered on full throttle run, but at my age, full throttle run is kind of like a little skippy trot.

I readily admit this. I'm not really ready for cold wintry weather yet. Of course, I wasn't too crazy about the tropical desert of late summer we experienced...was it only a month and a half ago??

This is what I've decided. I need more money than what I have because if I did, I could jet to the Sahara when I'm wanting some climate bordering on hades for a few days. Then I could jet to the Himalayas and be in a snow storm for a while. Then I could take a leisurely cruise, but not on one of those Ryan's on the water foody cruises that promises onboat surfing. It would be on my own yacht, of course and I would lay anchor near some tropical island that isn't the home to pirates. I would eat fruit off the trees and drink coconut milk, only the milk would have to be cold because I don't like warm coconut milk. In truth, I don't like it at all.


Since I'm pretty certain that I won't ever have that kind of money, I'll just settle for changes of season in my own back yard. I just wish it wouldn't sneak up on me quite like it did today and bite me on the butt.

Can snow be far behind, here in the almost Deep South again this year? Oh wow! I get so excited at the thought of snow.

Is it almost the end of October? Oh lordy, the "Eatin' Season" is about to commence.


Anonymous said...

Does the "eatin'" season ever end? I hadn't noticed it came to a stop along the way.

Drena said...

Ryan's on the!