Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Not Profound...Just "Cool."

I've been trying to write something profound, but it's just not happening. I'd like to give everyone some kind of life altering philosophy so intensely deep that everyone would just have to stop what they are doing and just think, "Wow! That's heavy, man." Oh, wait, that's another time altogether. I don't think anyone says, "Man, that's heavy" anymore unless they've picked up a 150 pound rock. The slang I used in a much earlier time is no longer used, like something being "swift" for something good. Something that was knarly (probably not even spelled right and I just don't feel like looking it up) also meant something good, sort of. Remember, "that's rad"? Nobody says that anymore.

Back in the 20s and 30s, folk said stuff like "bee's knees", "cat's pajamas" AND " the cat's meow." That cat got around.

"Bodacious"-- remember that guy in "An Officer and a Gentleman" saying, "She has bodacious tatas" No politically correct, but even "tatas" is slang for really nice breasts, but what kind of military guy is going to say, "She has really nice breasts"? Nope. I'm a military brat. No soldier would come close to saying that. I think he would say "boobs" now instead of "tatas", but no matter. It's all the same.

 "Cowabunga", "Eat my shorts", and "Don't have a cow, man" are products of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Bart Simpson.

I loved it when John Denver said, "Far out, man." I think George Carlin said this, too. Stuff was also "radical" and "tubular" at one time.

If someone "got" someone, they "siked" him.

Then everyone started saying stuff like, "I just love beets.....not." "That's such a pretty dress...not." "That movie was great...not." That drove me nuts, well nuttier.

There is one slang word that is ageless--- "cool". Things have been "cool" forever."Wow! That's a cool car" works just as well now as it did in the 50s. I still say something is "cool" if it is, indeed, cool.

And you know what? That's cool, man, not profound, just cooooooool.


Anonymous said...

I am so out of date I still say things like "bummer" and "gnarley".

Coleen Brooks said...

Thanks for spelling "gnarley." And I still say "bummer" also. I was so tired last night, I felt like an ancient English teacher who didn't give a flying flitter about how anything was spelled. For me, that's pretty doggone tired.