Friday, October 7, 2011

Mayonnaise Sandwiches and Icing in a Can

I just finished eating a little cup of Jello Dulce de leche pudding, sugar free, 60 calories. It was really good, so good I'd like to eat another five or six of the little suckers. Of course, that would kind of be defeating the whole purpose of eating sensibly. It's kind of like when you eat one of those Healthy Choice meals and an hour later, you're starving to death. I had a friend who ate two or three of those meals at lunch or dinner. She never lost a pound. In fact, she gained a whole gob of weight eating Healthy Choice and Lean Cuisine. It's kind of ironic.

When I was a kid, my daddy made the best mayonnaise sandwiches in the world. I didn't want Mom to make them because Daddy would glob on the mayo between two pieces of gushy soft white bread, like the old version of Sunbeam or Wonder bread, not the kind that now has a shelf life of over two weeks. What do they put in that bread?? I'd mash the two pieces of bread together enough so that the mayonnaise squished out the sides; then I'd lick it off all around the sandwich. It was heaven. My kids, adults now, have always been horrified that I like mayo so much. They think it's disgusting except in potato salad or chicken salad, and only a small amount should be used. Of course, I don't eat mayonnaise sandwiches anymore. I buy the "light" now and it doesn't taste anywhere near as good as the real stuff.

The thing about getting older is that foods you ate in your youth are just not healthy enough for your today's body. Truthfully, they never were healthy, but what did we know back then?? Sugar, white bread, icing out of a can (I used to keep it in the refrigerator and snack on it a little at a time---Lord have mercy!), Mounds candy bars, full blown mayonnaise, hot dogs or any kind of processed meat--I still love bologna sandwiches...Well, they're just awful. I often wonder how I stayed so skinny before I hit my mid 40s. I didn't even gain a whole lot of weight throughout my four pregnancies except for my second one when I craved Peppermint Patties. Then, I gained 40 pounds, but lost it quickly. With my last pregnancy, I only gained 12 pounds.

I think I weigh more now than when I was nine months pregnant with any of my four precious darlings. So...I'm trying to go on a self improvement kick...again. I dance some mornings and have even started doing crunches again. A couple of years ago, I lost around 30 pounds and felt wonderful, even attractive. Then, my dad got sick and I helped care for him until he passed away. During that time, I just didn't give a fig about what I ate or how much. But, really, it's time to quit blaming my dad's illness for gaining all that weight back. Dad's been gone nine months. It's pull out the old weights and get out the snug t-shirt so that I can witness it becoming looser as I reclaim my waist line.

I used to dance to Bon Jovi's "It's My Life". I'd watch the video at five in the morning as I moved to the beat. He was easy on the eyes and I loved the music. So, it's time to revive ol' Bon Jovi and Donna Summer and the music to "Saturday Night Fever."

If I move enough, I may just be able to eat a piece of chocolate cake every once in a while and not feel guilty.

In the mean time, I'm up to 25 quick crunches. That's good, but I used to do a quick 100. I'll get there again. Yes I will.


Lisa said...

What a fun blog! I'm stopping by through NaBloWriMo...and I'm your newest follower!

mybabyjohn/Delores said...

It's so easy to give up addictions like smoking and coffee and just stop...but food...can't be done. You have to cut back and you are always thinking about what you want to eat and what you can eat and mostly what you can't eat...frustrating.

Amber Lanier Nagle said...

I am familiar with Mayo sandwiches, which in the Lanier family, had to be constructed with Miracle Whip (not really mayonnaise). My dad and I used to eat fried egg sandwiches on our fishing trips. They were made with a thick layer of mayo.

Great blog entry. Your writing is so familiar to me.