Monday, October 10, 2011

The Thing Is, I Love Dancing

Okay, I admit it. And I'm not ashamed of it. I like "Dancing with the Stars." Are the stars really stars? Not so much. David Arquette (sp?)? Chaz Bono? Carson Kressley? Ricki Lake? The soccer player named Hope? Rob Kardashian? Various models? Chynna Phillips? Probably Nancy Grace is the most well known person simply because she's this abrasive woman on CNN that everyone seems to like because "she tells it like it is." I gotta say that the model who was George Clooney's girl friend was a really unlikeable person and was voted off early on because everyone recognized her for what she is, a jerk. Then there's the war hero turned actor name J. R. Martinez who has overcome devastating war injuries to become an almost star. And he is really good. He's got a chance to be a real star. It seems like he's fearless. Come to think of it, maybe he already is a star.

The thing is that I love dancing. I love to dance although I don't know if I could ever master a quick step. Carson Kressley, the guy from the "Queer Eye" show is just a hoot. He doesn't give a flying fig what he looks like. He just dances, and I just have to laugh. He has so much fun. So I don't watch it for the "stars." I watch it because I love to watch the dancing. I like to watch people work hard at something they may not be so good doing. Whether they are true stars or not doesn't matter. I like to watch the improvements in performance.

I really like this little movie made in Australia called "Strictly Ballroom." It comes around on some of the little known stations on satellite every so often, and I watch it. I've probably seen it 10 times. It's about dance competition. If I was a little younger and had a good dance partner, I may just have been a competitor. But then again, I probably have illusions of grandeur.

So, I'll watch my dancing shows and enjoy the heck out of them. "So You Think You Can Dance" comes on in a few months.

Waltz anyone?


M. Ashley said...

I'm a huge fan of dance shows too, especially SYTYCD because I find the art and athleticism mind boggling. Dancing with the Stars though definitely hits home with the joy of dancing that truly can be extended to anyone, no matter what their skill level. I wish more people were encouraged in the arts--told that they don't have to be excellent, it's enough simply to participate and joy in it.

Anonymous said...

We like dancing with the stars too...we usually disagree about who got voted off and try to guess the marks.. I like Carson, I hope he stays in to the end. Sher was in the audience tonight. Is it just me or does she look terrible?

Coleen Brooks said...

I think Cher has had some major work done. That can sometimes leave a person looking like someone else or certainly not anything like her/his former self.

Monica Bremer said...

I love are dancing movies! Hehe, I'm a fan of SYTYCD too. But after Kate and Josh's time, I became busy and wasn't able to watch all other seasons.