Friday, October 12, 2012

Emory Hospital, Atlanta, A Really Good Day

I had a good day, a really good day. My husband, middle son, sister-in-law, and I all took a trip down to Atlanta to Emory Hospital to see about my husband's "falling out" episode. Our son wanted to drive us. I think he thinks we're getting on up in years. There's been talk of Power of Attorney and such. This is a standing joke, folks. We are not nearly that old...yet.

First off, my husband's appointment was listed as 13:20. Okay...military time. I knew how to read it as did my husband, only it was a typo. His appointment was really at 3:20.

It was a bout 1:00 when we arrived. No matter. We trekked down to the hospital cafeteria and had a long and leisurely lunch. The food is good at the downtown Emory Hospital in Atlanta. I was totally impressed.

But I have been totally impressed with everything Emory Hospital since my husband spent some time there a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, he got a good report, nothing major, some blockages that are already being treated. He was complimented on how well he is taking care of himself...I could take credit, but let's face it, he does most of the cooking. He does all his exercises. He really does take care of himself. And because he does most of the cooking and taking care of himself, I reap the benefits, too. I eat healthy and am back at getting moving more again.

My mama also went to her heart specialist today and he took her off Plavix (some call it rat poison) and put her back on baby aspirin rather than full aspirin. This did her 89 year old heart well. She hated taking Plavix. Her arms were always covered in bruises which were a side effect of that stuff. She was very self-conscious of it. My mom is beautiful and always has been. Her appearance is very important to her, not because she is vain, but because she is a lady and she believes ladies should care about how they look. In truth, I do most of the time, but sometimes a ball cap and sun glasses do the trick. I just don't tell Mom I'm dressed like that in public.

So it was a good day. The drive out of Atlanta during late afternoon rush hour went surprisingly well with very few slow downs. There was not a parking lot on the interstate anywhere.

I'm home now and our son is cooking supper. Yes, it has been a good day, most definitely. Supper's ready. Gotta go.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, it was a good day---a witty day---a happy day---a thoughtful day---an inspirational day---a prayerful day---a thankful day---a hopeful day---yes, it was a very good day!!!