Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Deputy, Remington Steele, and Illya Kuryakin

"Bones" is by far the grossest show on television, well, at least network television. The first twenty minutes of last night's show was just simply gag worthy. And I loved it. "Bones" is a show I rarely miss. I also like "Grimm", "Once Upon a Time", "Castle", and a few others. I've been watching "Game of Thrones" on Netflix. Lord have mercy. That is all. Great show, but...Lord have mercy.

Right now, I'm watching "NCIS." This is a really great show. The characters play well off each other. But the reason I like it so much is because of David McCallum, aka Ducky. You'd think it would be because of Mark Harmon. He is serious eye candy (that term is kind of icky). Rephrase...because of the seriously handsome Mark Harmon. The truth is, I have had a mad crush on McCallum ever since he was Illya Kuryakin on the old "Man from U.N.C.L.E." series. I thought he was adorable. I still do! It's crazy. The man is 79 years old and still as cute as can be. I don't look at him as old. I look at him as still having sex appeal.

I remember my first real pre-teen crush. I fell madly in love with Peter Brown who played a deputy on the western "Lawman." We lived in Kansas at the time and I couldn't wait for the night "Lawman" came on our old black and white Philco television set. Of course, at that time, everything was in black and white. And if the wind was blowing too hard, the antenna wouldn't pick up ABC. This would devastate my poor little 11 year old psyche. When his character was killed in a war movie called "Darby's Rangers", I thought I'd die. Strangely enough, this guy is still alive and younger than Ducky.

I don't have the same mind blowing, dry mouthed, want to squeal like a silly girl feeling whenever I think about these crushes, but it's funny how the memories of those feelings still linger. I guess the last real crush I had was on Pierce Brosnan from "Remington Steele" days. I thought he was gorgeous, and I was a grown up married mother of four children who had anxiety attacks while waiting for the show every week. I remember thinking he should be the next James Bond. And he did eventually grow into portraying that character. I thought he was the best since Sean Connery. Oh, lordy, I forgot about Sean Connery. He was in a league all his own.

And I just remembered feeling all gushy when I watched Robert Redford, Paul Newman, even Clark Cable. Clark Cable will always be Rhett Butler. I can't imagine anyone else as that character.  

I think this is getting out of hand. I may just have had too many crushes to date. Maybe I have some kind of affliction. At least I realize at my age that I'm not going to grow up and marry one of them. We won't meet by chance and he think I'm the most ravishingly beautiful girl he's ever seen and fall madly and instantly in love with me. Besides, I married a movie star gorgeous man. What do I need with all these other guys?

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M.J. Fifield said...

I used to watch Bones religiously but I've gotten out of the habit the last couple of seasons. Same with Castle. I watch the odd episode here and there but they're not must watch television for me.