Saturday, October 6, 2012

Time to Bring Out the Seasonal Candles

I must say that it is brisk outside, so that means it's candle lighting time. When it gets cooler, I like to bring out my seasonal candles. Right now, the little ceramic pumpkin that my husband made while he was a patient at the VA hospital in Augusta some 25 plus years back is all a glow on our dining room table. A set of three autumn colored candles are a blaze on my coffee table and a wrought iron 3 pumpkin candle holder is on the hearth with the faces all shining from back candles. The aroma of pumpkin spice is in the air. It feels all warm and cozy.

I love this time of year. I love it to get cooler, then cold. I want snow. Last year we had a warm winter. In fact, it never did really get cold. The winter before in 2010, we had a white Christmas, the first my husband and I had ever seen here, the first my grown children had ever seen, the first my grandchildren had ever seen and the first I'd seen in over 45 years all together. It was so very lovely and something that was greatly needed since my daddy had passed away that year on December 2. It lifted my heavy heart and made me smile a big old Grinch smile after his heart grows bigger.

Southern snow is usually wet, thick, and heavy. It quietly falls and covers everything in record time.The world becomes hushed. I remember seeing a cardinal sitting in a tree and snapped a picture. Its brilliant red color was a stark contrast to the pure white surroundings of the freshly fallen snow.

The holiday season is fast approaching. In fact, once October rolls around, it's here. Now to settle back, watch a little football, get out my Kindle Fire, and read some between plays. It looks like the Georgia Bulldogs are not doing so well at the moment. That's okay. I feel peaceful and calm. The candles are glowing and all is right with the world.


Susan Flett Swiderski said...

No, the Bulldogs aren't doing so hot, but the Falcons are 5-0!!!! Best start ever!

Reading this, I could almost see and smell your pumpkin candles. Nice. Obviously you don't have cats. Any candles I use around here have to be on the hearth above the fireplace. That just about the only place I know they can't go.

Coleen Brooks said...

I do have a cat. She, oddly, has never bothered the candles or been a climber. She was rescued and previous owners had her front claws removed so she's not able to climb. Glad you liked the smell of pumpkin.