Friday, October 19, 2012

Ocean Liners, French Bread, and Vienna Sausages

So I fell asleep on the couch again and I'm sitting here feeling guilty that I haven't written anything. I had a great day spending time with my mom and sister who flew in for a visit. Yes, this is the sister who was my partner in crime when we wrecked havoc on our baby brother. We also grabbed bread off the swaying dining room tables on an ocean liner on which we were passengers as a hurricane raged outside. The dishes, glasses, and silverware was sent tumbling to the floor. We couldn't let that marvelous French bread go to waste. Of course, the waiters were shooing us out of the dining hall. With our wonderful treat in hand and butter in our pockets, we made our way back to our cabin. Our poor mom was really seasick.

We sat on the floor eating our bread and butter while the the huge sea vessel listed back and forth. I don't know how I kept from getting seasick like Mom. I have motion sickness to this day, but on that particular voyage, I broke bread with my sister as we sailed toward Morocco and promises of new adventures. I can remember that it was some of the best bread I'd ever eaten.

It ranks right up there with the Vienna sausages, crackers and cheese that my dad and I used to munch as we sat in a fishing boat on different lakes as we fished. Dad had motion sickness like me, so sometimes we both would get sick as the little boat bobbled and rolled on the water. It didn't matter. We didn't come in. We wanted fish and we were patient. Even after we got sick, we'd eat more of those little slimy sausages (what IS that jellied stuff on the outside of those things??) with cheese and crackers. If it got too bad, we'd just eat plain crackers. I must confess that I wouldn't eat a Vienna sausage now if my life depended on it. In fact, at this moment I'm kind of picturing myself on a boat with Daddy and I'm not feeling so good.

Tomorrow, my sister and I will spend more time together. In fact, she'll be here a week, so I've taken a few days off to enjoy her company. It's just too bad our baby brother isn't here with us. We could go camping, blow up an air mattress for him to sleep on...but I'm drawing the line on the softball in the pants. I think he might fight us and win for once.

And he might tell Mom.

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