Saturday, October 13, 2012

Young Singer, Newspapers, and Mad Max

The second week of October is almost over, and I've only missed one entry into NaBloWriMo. I almost didn't write anything tonight because my hubby and I went to a benefit that helped raise money for homeless people, and we just got home a bit ago. It's kind of late to write something all creative and witty, but I simply must have something written. It's a commitment I've made.

We watched a young lady perform tonight, Audi Burchett, and she is wonderful. I've known her mama a long time. We worked at a newspaper together some 20+ years ago. Working at that newspaper was the most fun job I ever had. It was my first time to really have any of my writing published. When I started actually getting feedback on my columns and news articles, it truly made me happy even if the feedback wasn't always positive. In fact, some of it was downright ugly.

This meant that people were reading what I wrote and that gave me a sense of satisfaction. I knew in the deep regions of my soul that I would not be able to work at the newspaper for long. I found myself wanting to sit on a river bank in the middle of the night trying to photograph someone dumping illegal stuff in the river, rather than being at home with my family. This is not good when you're the mother of four. Plus, the paper didn't pay very well. I still don't think newspapers pay well. In fact, some say newspapers are on the way out since most news and such is on line now.

I still like to sit in my corner of the couch with the newspaper and leaf through the pages as I read obscure little articles about places in outer Slombovia. It's that I feel that even in the most remote places of the world, something happening there could affect my part of the world. I'm simply appalled at the fact that people don't know the news. They don't bother with finding out what is happening, and I think that's just a bit dangerous. It makes me uneasy.

I swear, sometimes some of the people I encounter remind me of those Mel Gibson "Mad Max" movie characters. Are we moving into that kind of world, a world of ignorant and unbathed folks. Kind of makes me shudder. I keep on thinking I'm going to start seeing slipshod helicopters flown by pilots with bad teeth and unrecognizable accents.

But since I am basically a positive person, I tend to believe that education will win out over ignorance. I believe that the human spirit is strong and that good will prevail over the bad and ugly.


Goodness, I've rambled with this entry. I started out with telling about a wonderful local singer (she sounds like Janice Joplin) to stuff about newspapers before moving onto Mad Max.

Tomorrow is Sunday. I will worship at the altar of the mattress and a restaurant booth. In other words I'll sleep in, then we'll take my mom to breakfast somewhere. The words about the mattress came from a friend of a friend. I thought it was so funny, but then again my sense of humor runs the gamut from bizarre to big time bizarre. And I meant no disrespect to my church going friends. I think I'm getting tired.

Happy middle of October, y'all and if I have any typos or weirdly spelled words and such pay them no mind and keep on reading.


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I relate. The maftress and the program Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood make my day. That TV happy news is so much more inspirational than any of those 56 years of church going ever was.

Good for you for doing a blog every day. I started out with three posts a week, then two, and now I am down to every 8 or 9 days. I just want to write when I enjoy it and have something to share. I want it to be a joy and not a job. In other words, I may have run out of things to write about.

Keep it up, I enjoy your posts.

Coleen Brooks said...

Thanks. So far, I haven't run out of things to write about, but when I do, I'll drop back and punt (to use a silly ol' football term.) I enjoy reading your posts also. Write when the inspiration hits.